Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Follow a Giveaway Wednesday!

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Octobers Blog Hop


Okay folks! This is the favorite month of everything paranormal. So we're going to have some fun this month!! We will be giving away a paranormal book every day this month. Sign up for this blog to be entered and drop me an email at lenorewolfe@gmail.com so that I know to enter you in the contest! Also, follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook to be entered. Join all the blogs on this list and be entered for each one entered.  This is an honor system:) All you have to do is send me an email and let me know how many blogs you have followed, and that is how many times I will enter you in the contest!! There is no end to the number of times you can enter!

All winners will be announced on October 31!!

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Halloween Hop!!:


B ooks in our Giveaway!!

A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends)

Dark Lake: An Allie Armington Mystery

Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk (Dark. Cloth Series)

Paradox - The Angels Are Here

Doorway of the Triquetra (Children of the Atlantis)

Evolution of Insanity

The Superiors (Volume 1)

Shadow Cat (The Striped Ones)

I Loved You First

Control Freak: Brandon's Story

Offer leading up to the release of the second book in the series, 

Paradox - Progeny Of

Due for release in November 2011.

Two Worlds.  One Ancient - One

How does a little girl reliving the brutal deaths
of others fit into this Ancient World - 

Where lives are bound by
blood - and nothing is as it seems?

A journey that leaves you wanting...

In a World where there are more questions
than answers.


A journey that leaves you wanting...

In a World where there are more questions
than answers.http://sonsofthedarkmother.blogspot.com

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