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Interview with Jayde Scott!

Jayde Scott is author of the Ancient Legends and A Witch Rising series, as well as The Divorce Club and Born to Spy. 

Hello, Jayde, and thank you for being here! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Thank you for having me, Lenore. It’s such a pleasure. I’m a born and bred Brit, but I’ve lived all around the world and hence consider myself a bit of a nomad, which reflects a bit in the settings of my novels. As you can probably tell, my stories are all over the place. While I’m best known for creating the Ancient Legends series, which is young adult paranormal romance, I love to dab into unknown waters and try my hand at women’s and teen fiction as well. There are so many fabulous stories to tell that I don’t really want to limit myself to one genre, which is why I prefer to go without a publisher so I can write what I want to write and what my regular readers want to read. 

Can you tell us about your love for writing and how it began? 
As a child, I was fascinated by the scent and feel of my mother’s romance books and couldn’t learn to read and write fast enough so I could finally write down the stories in my head. I started out with poems and short stories, then moved on to full length fiction when I was a teen. I was an enthusiastic, absorbed writer but could never really finish a story until I discovered my true passion—the paranormal. After that, my love for writing became a consuming obsession. 

You have written several books, can you tell us something about them? 

My books couldn’t be more different. Even the ones in the series differ in style and voice, which is very much my intention when I write because I want to provide a diverse reading experience. In some way, all my books reveal something about me, from my hopes and dreams to my own experiences and wishful thinking, which makes them special and personal to me. 

What do you think inspired your Witch Rising series and your characters? 

I’ve always wanted to be a witch, so that wish inspired the story about fourteen-year-old Emily who inherits her grandmother’s legacy and soon finds out spinning magic isn’t as easy as it seems. In fact, she makes one big mistake that opens a portal to the origin of all evil, Black Wood. Now she’s supposed to save the world from the black magic that spreads through Scotland and threatens to destroy the world. 

Can you tell us about the world you have created with your Witch Rising series? 

The Witch Rising series is also grounded in reality, but there’s also a parallel world which borders on high fantasy with its black magic, mortal trolls, deadly nymphs, and a dark kingdom. The fantasy world is entered through an enchanted mirror but inactive portals can be found all across the country. When the heroine, Emily, unknowingly opens the portals, the fantasy and real world merge, leading to the imminent end of the world, which Emily must prevent. 

Can you tell us about the world you have created with your Ancient Legends series? 

The Ancient Legends world is a mixture of reality and fiction where supernatural beings live among us without our noticing. They embrace our technology and try to lead a normal life as much as that’s even possible. They also date mortals and have ancient bonds spun by fate with their mortal soul mates, but every bond brings great danger to the mortal soul mate. 
You recently released your third book of the series, Ancient Legends, can you tell us something about this series? 

Voodoo Kiss, the third book of the Ancient Legends series, is a stand-alone novel that focuses on Sofia, who is a reincarnated voodoo priestess. Sofia’s sister was recently killed. To help her get over her pain, she accompanies her boyfriend to Brazil, where strange things begin to happen. When she’s kidnapped by a bunch of paranormal beings, think vampires and fallen angels, Sofia has to make a difficult decision: trust the sexy demon shape shifter she barely knows whose existence is at risk if he doesn’t get her to do what he wants, which just might involve losing her death, or return to her old life and ignore her true legacy?

You seem to have a great love for the paranormal. Can you tell us what inspired this? 

 I’m mostly inspired by mythology but also by vampire classics, both books and movies. I love the paranormal because it’s so much more exciting than real life. In mythology and our fantasy, everything seems possible, which inspires me to get out of my comfort zone and write about all the things that would scare me to death in real life. 

When do you expect book four will be published in your Ancient Legends series? 
I expect Bewitched to be out by February 2012. 

What about book two of you Witch Rising series? 

Mortal Star, which is Book Two of the Witch Rising series, has entered the editing process. I hope it will be available for purchase Feb. 2012. 

Can you tell us a little bit about you ideas for these? 

My series couldn’t be more different. The Ancient Legends books are aimed at a more mature audience with the focus on love and solving various mysteries as well as a darker side of fantasy involving legends and death. The Witch Rising trilogy is aimed at teens and follows one main character, Emily, and her journey as a teen witch. On her journey, she has to master spells and embrace her legacy while defeating various villains that threaten to take over the world. There is also a bit of love and romance, but the main focus is on the action parts and the high fantasy world building. 

Which do you think came to you first, the character(s), plot idea of these? 

I would say the characters. They’re with me long before I find out who they really are and what their story is. 

Do you have any other books, or series, in the works? 

I have one series in the works and some women’s fiction projects, which shall be released under a pen name some time next year. 

Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers? 

Thank you to all my wonderful readers for the immense support and encouragement. I received so many lovely messages for Christmas and New Year, which filled me with joy, and today I’d like to thank each and every one of you for giving my books a try. 

Do you think any authors have influenced your writing? 

Definitely Anne Rice and JRR Tolkien, but also a few others such as Tracy Chevalier and Holly Black. 

Where can readers find your blog? 

Where can readers follow you? 

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