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I have eight review blogs, and I am one person. I review young adult on YA paranormal Novels, and adult paranormal on Paranormal eRomance. I review all romance at Hearts of Fire Romance and anything with a warrior in it at Warrior's Heart Novels. I also review anything paranormal at WEREParanormal and anything vampire at All Vampire Novels. Lastly, I review anything western at Wild West Novels.

These will always be placed at Talk About Authors and Magical Land of Books, though not always on the same day. And they will be placed on one or more of the sites that fit your genre.

I also love non-fiction if they contain anything about writing, healing, fitness, paranormal and spiritual. I am partial to pagan writing. I have other sites that I am working on discretely placing reviews and books: Shape Me Sexy, The Feminine Zone and Goddess Cove. 

I also have Triquetra Press and plan to put up anything that talks about writing.

Finally, as I have said, I am one person. I may read it right away, or it may take me a few weeks. If this is okay, then go ahead and submit your book to me.

My rating system is below. 

Finally, my acceptance of your book does not guaranty that I will review it. Please do not email me and ask me when I will post your review. If I I read your book, I will review it. If I am unable to finish your book, I will not post a review.


I prefer digital. I read on my ipad and can read most digital formats.

You may send me your book. Email me at or or

When we have worked out the details on what type of book you have, and if it will fit my review policy, I will then give you the address for you to mail it to me.

Favorite Genres

Historical Fiction (Adult, YA) -- One of my favorite genres is historical fiction. If you have mixed paranormal with history--wonderful. If it's YA, wonderful. And if it's romance, yeaahh!

Literary Fiction (Adult, YA) -- These can be anything from light comedies to dark tragedies literary fiction.

Romance (YA, Adult) -- It can be clean or hot, hot, hot. There are exceptions to the rule. I won't review anything that is based on on sex, and I won't read anything that contains beastiality, bondage, rape or anything close to these. I like a wonderful romance. It has to be about romance, not sex. Now, if it has lots of romance and it's hot, wonderful!

Anything paranormal/fantasy/witchy/magical, and lately, vampire. These are my favorite genres, YA or adult. So if you've written one of these, let me know. 

Other Genres I'll Read

Literary/Contemporary Fiction/Chick Lit -- I like these when they're well written.

Mysteries -- I love a great mystery. If you think it's well-written, submit it to me.

Non-fiction -- I will read anything to do with fitness, self-help and spiritual. 

Books I won't read

Cookbooks, unless they have to do with fitness, health or gluten free. Pure erotica--for the sex only and which contain the above mentioned beastiality, bondage, rape, etc. Gay novels: it would depend on the novel or book. I am not gay, so may not understand everything about your book, but if your book is a well written novel or book, I would probably still enjoy reading it. Historical books: again, it would depend on the book.

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