Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interview with Mary Ting, and her saga, Crossroads.

Mary Ting is author of the Crossroads Saga as well as Three Best Friends.  
Hello Mary. I'm so glad you have joined us here:)

Can you tell us about your love for writing and how it began began? I didn’t have the passion to write a story at all. It just kind of happened when my grandmother passed away. It was a way for me to heal the loss of her. I started from a dream I had in high school. I couldn’t stop writing. These characters became a part of my family. A world I created on my laptop because of my grandmother.  
You have written three books, can you tell us something about them? 
I wrote Three Best Friends with my daughter. When she found out I was writing a book, she wanted to write a story with me. So we sat by the computer together and created a story that was realistic, things that she did with her friends. It’s cute and funny. This book is self published. I’m hoping someday a traditional publisher will pick it up. Crossroads is my first YA novel and Between is the sequel.
What do you think inspired your Crossroads saga and your characters? 
Many people like Davin, which I'm really happy about because his character was inspired by my friend who passed away. He was very likable and was a best friend to all his friends. Patty is my friend from church. She is exactly how I described her, social butterfly who knows everything about her friends and fashion. I named Claudia after a student I once had many years ago. I can still picture her face, just like an angel. When I was much younger, I had a crush on a boy name Michael, but his character is based off my husband, protective, romantic, and silly at times. No... he doesn't have!!!

You recently released the second book of the series, Between, can you tell us something about it? Lots of action and romance. You’ll get to know the Twelve. There are more angels on Earth. This is a review I received that gives you an overall feel. “Hang on to your wings, you are in for a thrilling and gripping story about love, promises, and sacrifice.  Everything a sequel should be, Between is a brilliant and lovely tale that is remarkably tender, sexy, poignant, and made the romantic in me swoon.”  - Jennifer Howell,

You seem to have a great love for the paranormal. Can you tell us what inspired this? My first paranormal romance novel was Twilight. Afterward, I started reading more. It was a great way to escape from everyday life.

Do you have anything new in the works? 
I am working on the third book of Crossroads Saga, but it’s blank…lol!!!

When do you expect book three will be published? Since I also have a day job, I am a kindergarten teacher. I’m also married with two kids, two hamsters and a dog. So…not a clue yet…lol!!! I guess it will depend on how fast my story flows.

Which do you think came to you first, the character(s), plot idea or other?  With Crossroads, I just started from my dream, chapter one. With Between, I had the characters in mind first.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers? 
I took on a journey not knowing how rewarding it would be for me. I’ve meet so many wonderful people from all over the world through facebook, twitter, goodreads and blog sites. I’ve made everlasting friendship where friendship knows no boundaries. And I have to thank my grandmother who continues to watch over me from Heaven.

Thank you so much for having me!!! And thank you to my readers who are now my friends. Thank you for being my friend!!!
Where can readers follow you?
twit @maryting

I just found out that Crossroads is ranked #9 in Amazon highest top rated!!!

Thanks Mary!  *warmhugs*

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